Clients suffering from insomnia can benefit from shiatsu.

In a case study I used acupuncture experiences to come to a better diagnosis with a client who also had psychological complaints.

By feeling different zones on the back or stomach I determine as a therapist which energies are out of balance. Not every energy that is out of balance has to do with insomnia.

Research into acupuncture in insomnia brings a top-10 of energy patterns. By using a checklist of symptoms derived from it, I can determine which energy pattern is the most likely cause for my client.

Maria, aged 30, suffered from insomnia, nightmares, fatigue and anxiety, resulting from a traumatic experience four months earlier.

The energy pattern that emerged through the use of the checklist corresponded with traumatic stress as the cause. My treatments were therefore first aimed at getting her grounded.

After a series of treatments focused on the identified energy pattern, her sleep improved structurally. Improvements also occurred in her other complaints.

She also received psychological help to deal with her trauma.

The full case study (in English) can be downloaded here.

“What I liked about the treatments was that I did not have to talk.  
Before I was tired and I could not sleep, now I can sleep when I am tired.” 

Maria, 30 years old