Shiatsu is a Japanese manual therapy that is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu means finger pressure. Soft and empathetic pressure with the thumbs, fingers and hands stimulates the circulation of energy (Ki) in the body.

Shiatsu works on the meridians in the body, which are concentrations of energy flows that influence certain physical and mental processes. Your body has the natural capacity to adapt to changing circumstances. When your body is no longer able to do that, you become ill. Influencing the energy flows with shiatsu strengthens your self-healing ability.

During a treatment, I develop an image of the condition of your energy on the basis of what you tell me and what I sense through touch. I enhance the circulation of your energy by applying pressure, stretching, and mobilizing joints. That will bring you in a state of deep relaxation and will continue to work after the treatment.

It is comfortable to wear loose fitting clothes during the treatment. Do not eat too much or drink alcohol before the treatment. Take rest after the treatment.

“During the treatment I was in a relaxed, kind of meditative feeling. The feeling that I was more in touch with my body. The following days I felt like I could listen to my body better, and suddenly I notice that my stomach or shoulders are tense. It helps me to be more in the moment.”

Cliënt, 24 years