Piet Leunis practising Shiatsu in Utrecht

Piet Leunis

I am a shiatsu therapist and graduated from the 4 year  Iokai Shiatsu Professional Training Programme. My practice is in Utrecht since 2016.

The attention I am currently giving during shiatsu treatments was not always a given in my life. I have a rational personality and for a long time I did not give attention to my feelings, so I also wasn’t very aware of my body. I worked on changes in society and coordinated international human rights projects for many years.

A couple of years ago, I felt the need to be more present in the moment (and to do my job even better smiley-face). A mindfulness course brought me closer to myself. After that, I started practicing yin yoga, which is a present to myself every time.

Because of my training, I experienced that the energy that flows through the body is not an abstract concept but can be felt and influenced. I deeply enjoy giving shiatsu and I feel privileged to strengthen you in your energy.

“I found Piet’s shiatsu treatment very special. It’s a reset for my body, in a soft and quiet way.
I felt deep relaxation and peace in my mind.”

Petra, Pilates teacher